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Uniform & Equipment Return


All uniforms (1 jersey, 1 pair shorts) and equipment (helmet, shoulder pads) must be washed and cleaned before returning. Please remove any stickers from the outside of the helmet and wipe the inside of the helmet with an antibacterial wipe. If you are returning uniform/equipment for a friend, please bag and tag with the child's name and grade. Equipment for players through 5th grade can be kept out on loan, but all 6th grade players must return their helmet. The organization does not provide helmets for 7th and 8th grade players. 

If you return the uniform and equipment, and you have fulfilled your work bond obligations, you may request a refund of your deposit or it will automatically roll over to next season. Early bird registration opens on 8/1 so most returning families choose to roll over the deposit. If the uniform or equipment are not returned on these dates, your deposit will be forfeited.

It is also requested that all Coaches (Head Coach and Assistant Coaches) assist with the return of uniforms and equipment that correspond to their alloted return times.  If you cannot make it, please let your Head Coach know.

The uniform and equipment return will be held at the Hillsborough Lacrosse Complex according to the following schedule:

Thursday June 29

6:00PM - Grades 1, 2
6:30PM - Grades 3, 4
7:00PM - Grades 5, 6
7:30PM - Grades 7, 8

by James Harding posted 06/26/2017
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One great feature is the ability to get late breaking game or practice changes via text messages on your cell phone. Be sure to specify your provider (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) if you want to receive text messages. You can also have the system send you reminders of Games and/or Practices if you mark the check boxes when you edit your personal information.

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posted 06/07/2017
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